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Plastic cards are becoming more complex to address demands for increased functionality and performance. At BHT, we have developed a Quality Profile to ensure the performance of our plastic cards meet our clients satisfaction.

Dimension System
Dimensional tolerances are checked at all stages of production for plastic card dimensions, printing tolerances, process colour print registration, magnetic stripe location, photo box dimensions and signature panel as well as other card features.

Surface Roughness Measurements
The surface roughness of the print surfaces of the PVC core material used in plastic cards can determine the quality and color match of the printing. BHT checks every shipment of PVC material for surface roughness against our standard PVC specifications. Magnetic stripe surface, inks and other raw material will be thoroughly checked before entering production.

Plastic Durability
BHT uses several tools to determine the durability of our plastics. Flex Tester, Humidity / Temperature Oven, Impact Resistance, and Lamination Adhesion Tester are among the tools used to test our plastics able to withstand in any harsh conditions.

Abrasion Resistance
Plastic cards are subjected to a great deal of abrasion and scratching wear which contribute to card failures and degraded appearance. By using abrasion testing tool, BHT tests abrasion of magnetic stripes, printing, signature panels and other card features to produce high quality plastic cards.

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